VIEW (Vision Impairment: Education and Wellbeing)

VIEW is the Association for the Education and Wellbeing of  Vision Impaired children and young people

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Members!  VIEW activities are funded from membership fees and some sponsorship income. Colleagues who are not members might share your Insight magazines etc. and also benefit from negotiations with government and other influential bodies – but they are not contributing financially to the cost of VIEW’s work on your behalf! Persuade your colleagues to join VIEW.  If you would like a poster that you can print out and display on your school/office/staff room wall, download one from here.

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VIEW is your voice at government level, representing teachers of children with vision impairment on a range of committees and steering groups linked to VI issues. The Executive Committee represents our very specialised field at national level.

VIEW is an association that is open to teachers and other professionals with an interest in the field of visual impairment.

Qualified teachers of children and young people with vision impairment have to hold or be studying towards a mandatory qualification (MQ). to learn more about the role, download the following factsheet produced jointly by VIEW and RNIB.

The Role of a Qualified Teacher of learners with Vision Impairment(QTVI)

Aims of the association:

  • To represent the views of our membership through training, support and surveys
  • To raise the standards of the education of children and young people in schools and in Further and Higher Education Establishments
  • To support developments in the field to benefit individuals with a vision impairment
  • To share and disseminate information
  • To establish links with other organisations, sharing information to benefit children and young people with a vision impairment.

Benefits of Membership (all levels of membership):

  • Insight Magazine x 6 copies per year
  • Network of support and information for members
  • Discounts on RNIB products and courses
  • Discounted fee for VIEW Annual Conference
  • Tax relief on subscription fee
  • Full access to:
    • members’ exclusive area of website (including confidential discussion forum)
    • Our large on-line, fully downloadable resources area, including back copies of  ‘Curriculum Bitesize’
    • Opportunity to place advertisements (including jobs)  FREE in VIEW adverts section
  • Voting rights at AGM
  • Discounts on RNIB products and courses*
  • Have your views heard at a range of committees and groups with links to:
    DFE (Department for Education)
    QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority)
    Vision 20:20
    UKRNIBNLVSI (National Low Vision Services Implementation Group)
    BAUK (Braille Authority UK)
    NATSIP (National Sensory Impairment Partnership)

Membership levels and fees

  • Full         £50.   For those who hold the recognised qualification as a Qualified Teacher of Vision Impaired Children (QTVI) and those who manage specialist provision for VI.
  • Retired.  £30.   Full Members who have retired from paid employment may choose this category of membership
  • LSAs      £35.   For those who are not QTVI but are supporting children and young people with VI.
  • Student  £35.  For those in training for Mandatory Qualification in Vision Impairment.

Join VIEW today by visiting our online VIEW membership subscription page or email for further details.

Please note:  VIEW is the professional association for all of those teaching and supporting children and young people with vision impairment.  VIEW is committed to working hard to improve outcomes for all children and young people with vision impairment; to support and maintain standards and to ensure that we have representation on national forums such as NatSIP, Vision UK 2020 and take an active part in any DFE consultations or developments that could impact upon outcomes.  However, VIEW is not a disciplinary body and neither is it a trade union, therefore VIEW cannot deal with complaints about practice and/or pay and conditions. In any such cases please seek the advice of your union.

 VIEW is a registered charity. Charity number 277864